The new “Music Sticker” that Facebook has allows you to watch and listen more vividly


“Facebook is going to have new service content! Facebook is expected to work with music content providers to provide new music content. Facebook hopes to make song content more exposed and play listening opportunities through its own platform services.”


The “Music Sticker” function, which was tested for specific users in September this year, has been officially opened to the public, allowing users to add music content to their personal limited time dynamics, photos or video content so that the video content can become More lively.


The music content will be provided by Facebook, users can use it all, or specify the clip to add photos, videos, or personal limited time dynamics.

After adding music content, the name of the music track and the author will be marked in the uploaded photos, videos, etc., and the user can further adjust the position of the music-related content or add more visual effects so that the image content can become more active.



In addition, this update also includes the ability to add music content to the profile introduction, allowing users to add music, songs that represent their own style, and even further link the album cover of the music content, as well as the corresponding singer photos.

Not surprisingly, this feature should also involve Facebook and music content providers in cooperation, and it is expected that the song content will have more exposure and play listening opportunities through the Facebook platform service.

The previously launched Lip Sync Live live K song function, in this update also officially joined the synchronous display lyrics function, allowing users to avoid forgetting words in the live broadcast process.

Mash-Digi  [reference source]

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How to charge your phone to maximize it’s battery life?


“There are different kind of version about how to charge your phone, but how is ti exactly yo charge a phone? This article combines informations from Apple’s official website, battery manufacturer instructions, and experience of the author, and will share three charging methods and battery maintenance to extend battery life for everyone reference~”


Today, I am going to talk about three must know about charging your phone. By following these steps, you will have a longer battery life than the others!

PS: Reference is from Apple’s official website and instruction from battery manufacturer, combing experience of mine. Until now, I had used the first iPad version of 2010, iPhone 4s from 2011, and both still have around 80% of battery life without changing new batteries. I think these steps might be really useful!


1. Lithium batteries have no memory effect, and excessive discharge will accelerate the life cycle.

PS: Figure above shows a nickel-metal hydride battery with a low battery memory effect.

According to my experience, “using all the battery before charging your phone” can be said as the first wrong concept. Why will people have this wrong concept? In fact, “battery has memory, charging it before using all up will destroy it”, this is for nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery牧 which is the old fashion rechargeable battery that we used (as the above figure is AA rechargeable battery ). This battery only can be charged when the battery is used up, or the rechargeable amount of energy will be lesser and lesser.

However, smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, power banks and other product nowadays normally use “lithium battery”. This kind of battery has exactly different properties with the nickel-cadmium battery. The difference is that lithium battery does not have memory, and cannot discharge too much of stored energy. Normally, lithium battery’s life is calculated by “cycle count”, which is the count of charging from (0~100%). In simple, if one lithium battery has a 1000 cycle count of lifespan, in general, it can be charged for 1000 times from 0% to 100%. But in fact, excessive discharged of power will cause damage to the battery due to physical problems. Hence, if you use until 0% to charge, then no matter how many count of cycle count you have for your battery, it might be malfunction more easily.

Therefore, the first rule of using a lithium battery is to charge the battery only when it is used up but to charge it whenever you can. This will lengthen the lifespan of your battery! However, if you normally couldn’t charge it at any time of the day, letting it use up to 0% to charge, it is better for you to buy a power bank. Do not use until its minimum power then charge!


2. You can still plug it on charge when it is full, it’s okay to unplug it before you leave

The second misunderstood concept is that “you must unplug the battery once it is 100%”. I don’t really know how is this happen, but we don’t really need to know how this has spread among all of us tho. In fact, there is an anti-overcharge system no matter in smartphones or laptop. When the battery is fully charged, it will automatically cut off the charging and use the power directly. For example, from the figure above, it can be seen that when the laptop is 100%, MacBook Pro will automatically cut off the charging and turn it into the power adapter, which will maintain until the battery percentage is below 95%. Or please pay attention to the plug icon when the battery is fully charged in iOS6 (if you still have it).

Therefore, there are no worries to not unplug it directly when the battery is fully charged. There might be people wondering “Is it really okay to leave it on the plug?”, about this point…… unless you leave your phone charging for a week, or else please do trust the manufacturer about the anti overcharge system, don’t make yourself crazy thinking about all these!


3. Letting your phone to be less than 40% once every two weeks to maintain the health of the battery

If you had used to all the above steps of charging after reading this article, then you are moving further forward to “longer the lifespan of your battery”! But here, you might need to do one more step, that is once every two weeks, let your phone to be less than 40% to lengthen the lifespan of your battery. At first, we must know that lithium battery is a very picky battery. Letting it keep discharge power will shorten its lifespan, letting it discharge until 0% will also shorten its lifespan, or even not letting it discharge even also will shorten its lifespan!

Due to the physical specification of the lithium battery, which makes if it does not discharge to activate it for a long time, it may shorten its lifespan. But if you continue letting it discharge, it will also shorten its lifespan. Therefore to solve the problem, the best way is to use up the battery below 40% twice a week, (it is okay to use till 30%, but not 0%), and then charge it, hence to maintain the battery health and longer its lifespan! Of course, this is for those who don’t unplug it always, if you always use up the battery power of your electric appliance, then you can ignore this step!

As for the extent to defend whether is the battery “dead”? In fact, two simple steps can be made clear. The first is that the lithium battery will expand as shown above after it dies. Please note that this is not an explosion. This is just a mechanism to remind you that the battery has broken. If your iPhone or other devices suddenly “get fat”, please change the battery! Second, if the battery doesn’t get fat, but your phone obviously has less power stored than before, and you are quite sure that this isn’t caused by background app activating, you are advised to hurry to send it for repair!

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Here comes the simplified Facebook Messenger! A new dark mode is added!


“Facebook has announced that a new version of Facebook Messenger is coming! This time the highlight will probably be the whole new dark mode that has added to Messenger with a black background. Let’s take a look for it.”


Facebook announced earlier that the Messenger interface will be simplified, which will reorganize the original page into chat, people and discover, and add a dark mode with a black background.



In this version 4.0 update, Facebook did not remove any Messenger features, so the most important is to simplify the integration of the original paging options, making it easier for users to find contacts or related content, and add more to the chat interface. Multiple interactive features, such as adding voting options to group chats, or sharing map locations.

In the chat conversation, the customizable colour is also added, and the speech bubble option with gradient colour effect and the dark mode is added according to the trend so that the user can watch the chat conversation content more comfortably and avoid watching the white for a long time. The operational interface of the background causes eye strain.

The new version of the chat interface is expected to be released in the coming weeks, which will be used for iOS and Android platforms respectively.


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Collections from Sony’s 70th Anniversary


“Every 10th anniversary represents a milestone, and the world renowned company Sony is now celebrating their 70th year. Whether it is mobile phones, household electronics or entertainment… Sony has had an excellent record, making its industry giant status well earned. This article is dedicated to the 70th-anniversary exhibition event held by Sony a while back, allowing fellow Sony fans to recollect memories of these classic products.”


The famed brand Sony has already become an international trademark by 2016, with many of its products reaching extensively into every facet of society, and whether it concerns mobile devices, television, photography or entertainment media, Sony has been undoubtedly successful. For an industry titan such as this, do you know that Sony has already existed for 70 years?

Since Sony’s founding in 1946, seven decades have passed in the blink of an eye, it has even reached the fifty-year mark since its establishment in Taiwan. During this time, Sony produced a myriad of classic products, including the first coloured television, the first transistor radio, the first Walkman portable media player, the PlayStation that replaced Nintendo’s 2nd generation game console and the AIBO robotic pets that pioneered AI products, all of these are well-remembered classics that have a nostalgic place in customers’ hearts.

▲ “70” is the key symbol for this event.

▲ The entrance of this exhibit displayed various important events over the years, including the visit by Michael Jackson.


In order to celebrate its 70th anniversary, Sony specifically set up an exhibition in Huashan Creative Park, gathering up all its classic products in the exhibition area for visitors to appreciate. Older visitors can also re-experience some nostalgic memories of using some of these products back in the days, while younger visitors may come to understand through this exhibit, how Sony was able to cultivate their record by discovering the fantastic history of the company.

Pic: The origin of the name Sony
The company was originally called “Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo”, but as the country began to embrace the international market, a new name for the company was decided when considering internationalisation.
The thought back then was to create a name with a simple phonetic pronunciation that will allow it to be easily identified and pronounced in any country in the world.
The then founders Mr Ibuka Masaru and Mr Morita Akio took the Latin word “Sonus(sound)” and the English word “Sonny” or “Sonny-boy” and derived the name “Sonny”, its meaning being “a cute and playful child with strong relation to sound”.
However, the spelling “Sonny” resembles too much the Japanese term “sonn-ni” which means losing money, making it too negative. Therefore, one of the “n” was removed, and the Japanese styled English word “Sony” became the official name of the company.

▲Are you aware of the origin of the name Sony? You will, after this exhibition.

▲The evolution of Sony’s logo, can you tell the difference of the later versions?

The products displayed in the event hall are bound to elicit some reactions from visitors! There are likely some products there that you’ve used in the past yourself. Below I will introduce a few of the, especially iconic ones.

▲Look at this vintage scene below, does it remind you of the days where you played with your Nintendo on a CRT tv back in grandma’s house? The adverts and posters of the wall were all the most popular models back then!

▲This Sony doll might have even appeared in your childhood living room!

▲Back then, Sony was sponsored by Shinli, so it’s also called “Shinli brand”. I never understood then what relationship the name Sony has with Shinli, I only knew that this company makes good TVs.

▲A lot of electronic stores back then have garage doors like this!

▲This is the first full-colour television Sony came out with! Trinitron is Sony’s exclusive tv technology.

▲The above TR-55 is Japan’s first transistor radio, Sony greatly reduced the size of radios, making it a portable device.

▲Speaking of the Walkman, we’ve gotta give Sony the credit. The word Walkman was popularised by Sony’s TPS-L2 released in 1979, the direct connotation of the word being “listen while you walk”, it can be said to be a revolutionary product in the music industry.

▲ Sony’s MD can be said to be many young people’s dream product back in the days. The model seen above is the MZ-1 released in 1992, although the MD models didn’t end up becoming popular then, it has since then become a collector’s dream.

▲The TV5-303 mini television that came out in 1960 made televisions not just strictly a household applicant, but something you can take with you as you go.

▲The first tape recorder TC-10 released in 1966 by Sony, it must have accompanied many people through their early student life.

▲Sony remains popular among professionals in the video camera industry. The above CCD-V8 released in 1985 is the first 8mm video camera by Sony, it accomplished the goal of having high-quality visuals while being light in weight.

▲The first generation PlayStation counsel! Need I explain more? This grey-white thing is what dethroned Nintendo as the top industry player.

▲When mobile phones were first popularised, Sony released related products too. The shuttle knob of this phone is one of its key characteristics. (the above model is the CMD-J16)

▲Different from the J16 shown above, this flip phone is the Z18, it is also a classic model.

▲The portable cassette recorder is also one of the iconic music players back then! It does both voice recording and music recording and is also one of the essential equipment of young people in Walker’s paradise back then in Japan.

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AI evolves! It can do IQ exams now!


“Does everyone still remember the news back in 2016 when AlphaGo beat the Go world champion Lee Sedol? It’s been more than two years since then, and AlphaGo has gone through even more advancements and trials including being surpassed by the AlphaGo Zero. AlphaGo’s success can be attributed to its development team DeepMind’s continuous training and improvements, today, DeepMind’s team have even started training AlphaGo to use abstract thinking in order to simulate a human’s deductive pattern. Their goal is to break the current limitations and confines of AI and deep learning, creating machine intelligence that is more and more similar to human cognition. Let us take a look at the plans of the DeepMind team!”


AlphaGo’s development team DeepMind have already started training artificial intelligence systems in the concept of “abstract thinking”, in hopes that future AI systems will be able to perform deductive thinking like a real person in order to answer questions. (Source)

After training its AI systems through playing games, researchers from DeepMind are also planning to let its AI challenge an IQ exam.
According to a publication in New Scientist, the London based Google DeepMind team trains its AI systems with IQ exams, allowing it to develop abstract “thinking” skills.

The training method the DeepMind team uses is based on Raven’s Progressive Matrices devised by British psychologist John Raven in 1936. By using question sets of progressive matrices from simple to complex, the AI system’s “intelligence” can be determined as its “observation” and “abstract reasoning” skills are evaluated.

As the questions in Raven’s Progressive Matrices are more than just shape matching, solving the questions will require the test taker to exercise abstract reasoning. Furthermore, a version of Coloured Progressive Matrices was even later designed for children, in addition to a version of Advanced Progressive Matrices that are targeted at people of above-average intelligence. With different versions of the test questions made for measuring the intelligence of test takers from age 5 to 75, this form of IQ exam became one of the most common methods to measure intelligence.

As explained by the DeepMind team, by using IQ tests to train AI, the goal is not to create a system that can answer these test questions, but to create an AI that can come close to simulating human thinking patterns, combining existing information with logical reasoning and abstract thinking to find answers, and even make judgments based on reflexes like a real human brain.

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Facebook has developed the technology that uses AI to determine image content.

Mash-Digi [reference]

“The Facebook team has now developed new technologies that can use images to identify the ingredients of food! If this technology gets more and more stable, in the future,  artificial intelligence and deep learning of judging pictures will become more efficient and accurate. Facebook can apply this technology to achieve the purpose of eliminating bad graphics!”

Facebook’s artificial intelligence research team FAIR said that it will be able to use the deep learning method to train the computer system to understand all kinds of food and recipe content. With this system, it can recognize a food image and immediately generate the corresponding recipe content.

After successfully generating the recipe, it means that the computer system will be able to further judge the food may include the affected components and the related calories according to the result, so that the user can know more quickly whether the food to be eaten causes the burden on the body, or let the hope Those who know how to cook the food can learn according to the recipe.

However, Facebook won’t offer this technology now. The reason is that although the technology of identification the food image can approximately getting the full recipe out, the result of artificial intelligence learning may still be inaccurate. Also, this technology is mainly focused on how to train computer systems to learn and let the computer system know more about the real world.

Allowing the computer system to correctly analyze the image content not only helps Facebook to be more efficient in content aggregation, but also more accurately pushes the appropriate content to the correct user. This will also affect the user’s viewing and adhesion, as well as the efficiency of advertising content exposure. In addition, it can effectively eliminate the bad content and fake news spread through the image. Therefore, the application of artificial intelligence technology will be strengthened. Facebook will become an important development project for more and more users and more and more complicated content.



Don’t update your Windows 10 right now! Try the new version next Tuesday!


“Did you update your Microsoft Windows 10? If you haven’t, then you can wait a week later. Since the update was released, there had appear several cases of file loss. In order to solve this problem, Microsoft has announced that it will release the Windows 10 October Update version from all users next Tuesday.”


Microsoft recently released a large update of Windows 10 October Update (version 1809) that provides quite a lot of new features. Although several of the author’s computers have been upgraded safely, there are a lot of consumers who have lost their files after the update. Appearing several cases of the problem that the Edge browser can’t connect to the Internet, Intel’s old version of the internal audio driver can’t be installed, so Microsoft has to suspend the push update notification.

Although among Windows 10 users, it is a serious problem that has to be taken seriously. In particular, Microsoft now also uses the Inside Preview method to let interested fever before launching the official version. Players and developers are the first to download the test version. In theory, after these millions of people test, the official version will encounter fewer situations, but things still happen.

Although Microsoft originally expected to push Windows 10 October Update (version 1809) updates for all users starting next Tuesday, Microsoft should continue to suspend updates until it finds a problem. Microsoft also called for manual download of Windows 10 1809 version. Users should not update for the time being, and if they have installed and lost the file, please contact Microsoft, and it is recommended to reduce the use of the device to avoid the disaster.

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Musk and SEC settled in keeping the position of Tesla CEO but quit the Chairman

Photo Credit: PowerfulJRE YouTube Movie Screenshot


“Elon Musk announced on Twitter in August that it intends to privatize Tesla with $72 billion to further accelerate the technology development process and ensure that it is not “constrained” by the board of directors and shareholders. This has caused SEC’s Note and in this case, Musk has been accused of securities fraud. Musk and the Securities and Exchange Commission finally reached a settlement now.”


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused Elon Musk involving securities fraud and finally got results. Musk will quit the chairman of Tesla and pay $20 million in fines. Directors and other conditions are settled with the SEC.

Although Elon Musk will remain the CEO of Tesla, under the settlement agreement, he will officially resign from Tesla’s chairmanship within 45 days and will not be allowed to return to the position within three years. Moreover, the two new independent directors will be additionally responsible for “communicating” with Elon Musk, controlling Elon Musk’s words and deeds to prevent him from posting misleading news. According to reports, the original SEC was to directly ban Elon Musk from being a director and executive of any other listed company.

Elon Musk’s recent series of ridiculous behaviour began in the early August. He announced on Twitter that he intends to privatize Tesla with 72 billion to further accelerate the technology development process and ensure that it is not “constrained” by the board of directors and shareholders. This move has caused a lot of discussion in various circles, and it is thought that it may be a speculation topic to promote the “share price.”

However, Elon Musk later denied the statement, which was considered by the SEC to be spreading fake facts and misleading investors. In early September, Elon Musk further publicized marijuana on live broadcasts, while major executives such as Dave Morton and Chief of Staff Gaby Toledano also left.

Anyway, Elon Musk finally saved his position as CEO. But this series of storms may justify Buffett’s comment on him: “He may be a good entrepreneur, but with innovation alone is never enough to be a good business operator. Entrepreneurship and management are very different challenges. .”

INSIDE hard network trend observation  [reference source]

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Google Maps’ “Group Planning” provides the ability to decide where to vote online


“When you are planning to hang out with friends, it is quite often to be annoying when it comes to where to go and where to eat. Everyone will have her opinion that they want to go to, but no one would say it out. Now the new feature “Group Planning” that Google Maps is about to launch is designed to solve the troubles for this embarrassing situation. What kind of function is it? Let’s take a look for it.”


The new version of Google Maps previously released on Google I/O 2018, in addition to the motorcycle navigation features that have been launched online, now includes Group Planning, which allows users to vote directly and relatives with friends online.

The Group Planning function allows users to create a set of voting lists through Google Maps and prepare their online friends to participate in the voting. This will improve the situation happened in the past which is when confirming the each other’s opinions, it would be much easier to integrate the opinions of the destinations, thereby reducing the unnecessary waste of time (and even reducing the disputes caused by the discussion).

This feature was first mentioned in this year’s Google I/O 2018. At the time, it also mentioned the features that will be added to Google Maps, as well as the motorcycle navigation function that has been opened for operation. The reason why Google continues to update Google Maps is to attract more people to use this service. It can also create more service applications by combining geography and search functions, and it can also drive more map integration.

For example, quickly adding information such as nearby recommended attractions, businesses, gas stations, convenience stores, etc. in the map can also help passengers to explore the first-time visits, and at the same time quickly assist the local stores to connect various types of consumer business opportunities. Behind it, nature also has the cooperative benefits of advertising content.

At present, the Group Planning function is expected to open up users in various regions in the near future, and it is used by Android and iOS platforms.

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Windows and Mac platforms are both available to Microsoft Office 2019!

Mash-Digi  [reference source]


“Microsoft confirmed that it will release the official version of Office 2019. It provides corresponding versions and functions for Windows and Mac users both. This update mainly focuses on enhanced content tagging and custom index tag functions. The biggest highlight is in added translation tools in Word, support for 4K resolution movies in PowerPoint, a new 2D map embeds in Excel and new letter layout and annotation in Outlook.”


With the launch of Ignite 2018 and the announcement of many Office-related updates, Microsoft also confirmed the release of the official version of Office 2019, which is available to use in Windows and Mac environments.

As with the previous Office version, the Office 2019 released this time is mainly provided for users with stand-alone use requirements, and will also open Office 365 ProPlus subscription users for future updates. The first wave of updates will give priority to a large number of the authorized enterprise or education users to upgrade, and it is expected to open for general and commercial users to purchase and use in the next few weeks.

In the previous preview update, Microsoft enhanced content tagging and custom index tagging in the new Office service, and enhanced the Word translation tool and focus mode, and added a new cut-off mode in PowerPoint, and supported 4K resolution video rendezvous. In the Excel section, you can add embedded 2D maps, funnel plots, and more calculation formulas. As for Outlook, it also adds features such as @tag feature content, focus inbox, more templates, and read and send back to the mail, and joins the mail scheduling function.


In addition, on the Mac platform, the new Focus Mode usage mode is added, so that users can focus more on the current processing content, and the rest is to add many of the same application functions as the Windows version so that users can make the file more convenient.

The AI technology application features highlighted by Microsoft during Ignite 2018 will also be integrated into the new Office 2019, and will provide Exchange Server 2019, Skype for Business Server 2019, SharePoint Server 2019, and Project Server for the server application. 2019 feature update.

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