Here comes the simplified Facebook Messenger! A new dark mode is added!


“Facebook has announced that a new version of Facebook Messenger is coming! This time the highlight will probably be the whole new dark mode that has added to Messenger with a black background. Let’s take a look for it.”


Facebook announced earlier that the Messenger interface will be simplified, which will reorganize the original page into chat, people and discover, and add a dark mode with a black background.



In this version 4.0 update, Facebook did not remove any Messenger features, so the most important is to simplify the integration of the original paging options, making it easier for users to find contacts or related content, and add more to the chat interface. Multiple interactive features, such as adding voting options to group chats, or sharing map locations.

In the chat conversation, the customizable colour is also added, and the speech bubble option with gradient colour effect and the dark mode is added according to the trend so that the user can watch the chat conversation content more comfortably and avoid watching the white for a long time. The operational interface of the background causes eye strain.

The new version of the chat interface is expected to be released in the coming weeks, which will be used for iOS and Android platforms respectively.


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Instagram is now planning to launched a new In-APP purchase function?!


“Now more and more people like to spend their free time on Instagram to engage in their friends’ dynamics posts, and even some people will choose to click on the ad linking to the store page for online shopping. Probably, Instagram will announce that an in-app purchase function will be launched. To increase the user experiences.”


Instagram will plan to further integrate online shopping, allowing consumers to complete shopping directly within the app, instead of the shopping behavior and system they are using and experiencing now.

According to relevant news, Instagram is nearing the development of the e-commerce market by integrating online shopping mechanisms.

In fact, in the past, Instagram continued to integrate e-commerce, shopping guide and other applications through its own platform resources, such as attracting consumers’ attention by using the charming photo with word content or to promote brands through online short videos, live broadcasts, etc, and also conducting a shopping guide.

The news on Verge shows that Instagram plans to further integrate online shopping mechanisms, allowing consumers to complete shopping directly within the app in order to expand more e-commerce applications.

However, Instagram did not respond specifically to this, nor did it indicate whether the service will be operational in the future.

According to the previous official monthly active users on Instagram is more than 1 billion people, it has naturally become a revenue source for Facebook’s important advertisements. For example, this year in mid-June announced the launch of IGTV independent audio and video application service. By attracting more people to look at the videos, at the same time, it also enhances the opportunities for Instagram advertising to benefit, and also helps brand manufacturers to promote their products.

On the other hand, Instagram’s exposure to brand collaboration is also quite significant. For example, L’Oreal has recently partnered with Instagram to allow Instagram users directly use the online service to augment the reality of the “makeup testing” and attract Instagram users to purchase related makeup products.


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